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School Dinners

27th Aug 2020

School Dinners

School meals will start on Tuesday 1st September. All meals will be provided in the classroom. There will only be one choice per day. The menu will be posted monthly on the school website.

In order to reduce the amount of money being brought into school, it must now only be sent into school monthly. On the first day of the month children will be able to bring in their dinner money envelope for the whole month and put in straight into their class collection box. No change will be given, instead it will be carried over to the next month’s payments. Any meals not taken will also be carried over to the next month.

School meals are still £2.60 per day. (£13 per week)

Please mark on the envelope which days/dates your child will be taking dinner.

Cheques are preferable and must be made payable to ‘Education Authority’ or ‘EA’

If you need to check your account at any time, please phone the secretary.

Please ensure that if you were in receipt of Free School meals that you have updated your entitlement for this school year with the Education Authority.

The dates for dinner payments will be:

Tuesday 1st September

Thursday 1st October

Tuesday 3rd November

Tuesday 1st December

Tuesday 5th January

Monday 1st February

Monday 1st March

Monday 12th April

Monday 10th May

Tuesday 1st June

If Dinner payments are not made on this date packed lunches must be provided for the rest of the month. We cannot provide meals that are not pre-paid anymore.

The Education Authority are working on an online payment system which will stop any need for cash payments coming into school, but in the meantime we hope you understand the need to reduce the weekly payments and the handling of monies. Please try to send in your timely payments on the above dates.

Many Thanks for your support.