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St Peter's Collegeland

Healthy Kidz

We are in hosting the HealthyKidz Programme in conjunction with PC Sports. Coaches deliver healthy lifestyles multi-sports lessons and the children track their physical activities and healthy choices on the HealthyKidz App.


Extra Curricular Activities

In St. Peter's Primary School we run a variety of extra curricular acitivites to help broaden children's life perspective.

The ones mentioned on this webpage run throughout the school year while others are organised in 5/6 week blocks.

These include: Olympic handball, cycling proficiency, cookery, zumba, fit club, camogie/hurling, gaelic football and multi-sports.

Woodwind Tutition

On Tuesday morning our woodwind tutor Brian McMaster, from the S.E.L.B. music department, comes in and teaches flute, clarinet, oboe and saxaphone to 8 children in P5, P6 & P7. This is jointly funded by the school and the parents.

The children are improving weekly with their music and hopefully will be ready to put on a performance soon.



Children attend Dungannon Leisure Centre swimming pool from P4 to P7 for one 5/6 week block per year. The children are taught at their own swimming level for a half hour lesson. At the end of the block they are tested to see if they are ready to move up a level. This is jointly funded by the school and the parents.



Mrs McKenna teaches the Choir every Wednesday from 3.00 - 3.50pm for children from P4-P7. They take part in the Dungannon Feis every year and won their competition in 2012, 2014,2016, 2017 & 2018.

They also take part in Christmas Carol Services, Masses and other school functions. At present we have 40 pupils in the choir! This is funded by the school.


Fundamental Skills

Mr Karol McQuaid teaches our fundamental skills in P.E. from P1 to P4. He is funded by the GAA and comes in every Monday from 9am to 11.45am. This programme has been running in our shool since 2008 and is of great benefit and enjoyment to all the children.



Irish Dancing


Mrs Cathy Grew has been our Irish Dancing Teacher since 1998. Mrs Grew teaches every Wednesday morning from 9am to 12pm. The children love learning the steps and improving their coordination and rythm. This is jointly funded by the school and the parents.



The breakfast club is open from 8am to 8.45am everyday for those parents who have to get to work early or travel a distance.

The afterschools is run by our staff and operates every day from 2pm - 4pm. The children all receive a snack of toast and juice when they arrive and are able to play indoors with the use of ict equiptment and resources and outdoors with the bigger equiptment.



Eamonn McGarrity is our Guitar tutor who comes into school. At present he teaches pupils in P5, P6 & P7. Guitars have to be bought individually for this activity and payment is made directly to the tutor. 

The boys and girls love this session and put on end of year performances.